At MN Express safety is number one whether on the road or in our offices locations. The job is never done.  We must always perform stronger than the day before. It’s all about continuous improvement.

The MN Express Commitment to Safety

Even prior to the launch of the CSA Safety Measurement system in December 2010, MN Express and its affiliate operating divisions have always held Safety and Compliance as the most important factor in what we do every day in our business.

MN Express will always pursue outstanding safety ratings. Very early on, our Safety Department established a best in industry internal rating and benchmarking process at the driver level – both company and owner operator – in order to ensure we have a Safety First culture. And this philosophy goes beyond our driver associates. Our dispatchers understand their role in the process. Our maintenance team knows they are a key enabler by insuring road ready equipment is always available, and on an executive level, we continue to invest in our trucks and upgrade our fleet on an annual basis.